What is HelpUP?

HelpUP is a social network that allows you to easily search for and find a social project to join. You can then share that Project and recommend it to your friends. It's time to get involved!

HelpUP came about when one of its founders, Pablo, realized the difficulties that arise when you want to actively join a cause. If you are not familiar with the world of social organisations, it is not easy to find out about activities in your area. Moreover, if you want to recommend them to your friends and encourage them to join, it is not easy to tell them about it. After mentioning the idea to Jaime and Francisco, they decided to create a social network that would serve as a bridge between society, social organisations, and corporations; interconnecting them and generating benefits for all. In this way, three partners with various professional skillsets and different views of life join forces to shape this project. With Jaime and Francisco incorporated as founders, they decided to launch the project and thereby contribute a change to society

But, what exactly is HelpUP? It's the social network where users can interact with people who have similar interests. They can take part in projects, actively collaborate in them by donating and volunteering, and stay up-to-date about our initiatives and those of the organisations that work with us.

What do we want to achieve and how?

HelpUP aims to make participation in social projects easier and more accessible; promote the organizations activity, fundraise for projects and introduce companies with active corporate social responsibility. As a social business, we at HelpUP are concerned about our goal: having a social impact and raising awareness to ensure resources reach those who really need them.

Have you got something to tell us? Don't be shy! Send any comments to helpup@worldwidehelp.es