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What is HelpUP?

We are a social enterprise whose main goal is to bring volunteering closer to society. We facilitate participation in social causes, provide social organizations with a tool for publishing information, recruiting volunteers, obtaining funds for their projects and promoting the activities that socially responsible companies develop.

Do you have any criteria when choosing social organizations?

We require openness and good governance to be able to publish a project. Social organizations have to have been audited in order to obtain funds from the users.

Are you a company or a non-profit organization?

We are a social enterprise. A social enterprise, even for profit, is one whose main goal is to bring value to society. At HelpUP we believe in social enterprises as generators of value to society through the impact of their economic activity. Our openness and good governance are a fundamental priority.

What is WorldWideHelp and what is HelpUP?

WorldWideHelp is the name of the company while HelpUP is the social network. WorldWideHelp has more activities aside from the social network HelpUP, such as advising companies social organizations and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


How do you finance the project? Where do you get the money to make it work? HelpUP is financed for the broadcasting and management of CSR actions of the companies that are part of our platform and the management of international volunteering programs.


How can I join a project or a cause that looks appealing?

Very easily! Firstly, select one of the causes that one of the social organization offers. Once you are certain about which project you would like to support, and having read all the information about it, you just have to click the kind of activity that you would like to develop and follow instructions.

¿Do I have to pay to join HelpUP?

Of course not! This social network is absolutely free for users. Only if you want to, you can donate to one of the social organizations through our platform.


Can our organization publish any event that we organize on HelpUP? Of course. Once you join the social network, you can publish as many activities as you find convenient. As long as it is not discriminatory, and it does not foster violence or any other aspect that we consider offensive or against the values of HelpUP.

How do we join your platform?

You only have to contact us via email or telephone, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The organization has to fullfil the requirements of openness and good governance to be able to join HelpUP.

¿Do we have to pay for being on your platform?

No, it is absolutely free for social organizations.


¿How can I place an advertisement on your platform?

We have different packs according to the size and needs of each company. Contact us and we will get back to you in order to discuss which one will best suit your company.

¿What benefit can my company get from advertising on HelpUP?

One of the main problems of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is that it doesn't reach the general public. Both prospective and targeted clients should know the advantages of the initiatives that the companies develop, so the image they reflect helps guarantee their success. That is why the work developed with HelpUP is so important.

Any other questions?

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