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ONG Sit Palang Help Social

We are an NGO - camp dedicated to teaching Muay Thai to A.A.H.H children, bringing them closer to a life dedicated to sports, discipline and ecological awareness. In addition, to help in the formation of leaders and the direct and indirect influence in all the areas of the person, the family and the society. Starting this project in LLANAVILLA at Km 23 of the Panamericana Sur, Conchan - Lima (PERU) WE HAVE PROJECTS LIKE: CLEANING BEACHES FREE SCHOLARSHIPS FOR CHILDREN APRADRINATION PROGRAMS ELDERLY SUPPORT, ETC For some time now we have been operating in a place supported by contributions from disinterested people concerned about the development of this social project. Because our intention is to improve the standard of living and education of our young people through GOOD VALUES AND SPORT https://www.facebook.com/muaythaisitpalang/