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Fundación Redes Solidarias- Programa de Voluntariado Nuevos Horizontes

Ecuador / Ayuda humanitaria

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We need volunteers who would like to work with street children in Quito.


It is an institution administrated by Salesian Religious Community, which works based on spiritual, moral and family. The main objective is to give support, protection, and guide to the children and their families through education.

Children are seen by their parents like a source of income for this reason they start to work on the streets as sellers located in different parts of the city, mainly in the south of Quito in plazas, and markets.

They use part of their time for this activity, and the rest of time they go to the school. They are from 6 to 12 years and they help to some teenagers who study in public high schools. The majority of children belong to indigenous families who have migrated to big cities such as Quito.

The institution is working with skilled professionals who know how to work with children and they give them an important support with their homework. This goal is possible because the foundation has classrooms or rooms where you work in different areas such as education, recreation, motivation, children work under rules behavior and respect.

The foundation has two houses: one is for helping to street´s children with scholar support and a home for teenagers.

The teenagers receive capacitation inn workshops like: carpentry, sewing and baking. The income that they earn with the sale of these products, help with the expenses of the foundation.

The children and teenagers receive the feeding in the houses. They have implemented a monitoring and evaluation system for individual children and young people to measure their social and intellectual development.


  • Assists in homework to the children
  • Computer Classes (Casa Amigos, South of Quito)
  • Working with music and painting
  • Assistance in walking when it is authorized by the director
  • Recreation and sports
  • Educate on care and cleanliness of the house of the foundation
    • Plan and execute the work with the coordinators responsible for each area
  • Presenting work reports and evaluations

  • To carry out manual work, volunteers need to cooperate with materials such as paper, pencils, notebooks, books, painting, etc.

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