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Many women in the cities and villages of Morocco suffer from poverty, illiteracy and unemployment, affecting their social environment and in turn their children’s education.

Many women in the cities and villages of Morocco suffer from poverty, illiteracy and unemployment, affecting their social environment and in turn their children’s education. 

Since the establishment of the NIHD (National Initiative for Human Development) in 2005, the Moroccan government has been working hard to improve education, health, culture and the promotion of income generating activities for women. 

The MCAS Working with Women program aims to enable local Moroccan women to improve their literacy levels and assist with professional development. 

Volunteers work in local organizations located in Rabat, or in rural Moroccan villages, working with local women and young girls. Volunteers will focus primarily on education and teaching during their time in Morocco. However, other tasks can include sewing, teaching art, arranging sport and activities, providing training in French and/or English, computer training and offering academic support for girls. 

Volunteers with the relevant skills can also provide training in finance, management, and income generating trade activities in schools, high schools and universities and providing support to female victims of domestic violence. 

Finally, volunteers with a background in education can provide training to local teaching staff in best practice education and gender equality. These additional volunteer tasks are dependent on volunteer duration (longer term will have more opportunity for to get involved in these activities providing they have relevant training).

Please note that volunteers who wish to participate in the Working with Women project should have at least an intermediate level of Arabic and/or French. We recommend this to ensure volunteers have a successful placement as many of the women who volunteers work with do not speak English.


Volunteers must be 18 years or older on the program start date and have at least a high school education. Volunteers who wish to participate on the Ramadan Program do not need to be practicing Muslims, however they are required to observe Ramadan customs while in Morocco. All volunteers must provide a criminal background check MCAS upon arrival in Morocco.


Arabic and French are NOT prerequisites for the MCAS Morocco program, however on certain placements the volunteer work will be restricted for those with limited Arabic and/or French. Teaching English volunteers must be fluent in English and Teaching French volunteers must be fluent in French. Volunteers on the Working with Women project must have an intermediate level of French or Arabic. Volunteers can take advantage of Arabic and French lessons offered exclusively to MCAS volunteers.


The MCAS Morocco program begins on the first and third Mondays of each month, during the month of Ramadan (over which time the Ramadan Program will be held on June 16th to July 15th 2015. Volunteers can choose to volunteer for durations ranging from one week to six months.


  • 1 week € 341
  • 2 weeks € 515
  • 3 weeks € 648
  • 4 weeks € 822
  • 5 weeks € 996
  • 6 weeks € 1171

Additional charge of 2000 MAD in concept of booking.

What includes?

  • 24 hours assistance
  • Information
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Internet access at main office

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