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Madiba Cameroon 2017 - Information Technology (IT)/Computer Sciences Volunteer needed

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Finaliza: 31/08/2017


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Madiba Cameroon Project is an annual project of our partner NGO in Cameroon called WEBDEV Foundation with aim to empower capacities of population for rural areas in the fields of Information Technology, Health, Languages and Culture, Entrepreneurship, Social Responsibility.

The rise of globalization following the Millennium Goal to eradicate poverty by 2015 has prompted wide use of computer literate personnel, which our community lacks. This has prompted us to focus on curbing these social lapses especially as the ICT gap is concerned. Cameroon is one of the fast growing countries in West Africa and like most countries in this area; ICT is occupying then a very important place in its society so far as development and societal growth is concern. For these reasons, amongst others, Cameroon schools, orphanages and medical services rely heavily on volunteers in Cameroon.

WEBDEV Foundation welcomes volunteers with a wide range of levels of experience, including qualified IT skilled people.

Why launching the project?

A number of important reasons had so far been the cause in the increasing numbers of computer illiteracy and slow ICT know-how! These reasons are that:

●It is quite expensive back in Cameroon and Africa as a whole for one to get hold of a normal computer.

●The high price in computer training courses being charge by a number of training centers has also been one major problem.

●Another problem is the inadequate or lack of professional staff in implementing and coordinating the Information and Communication Skills.

WEBDEV Foundation welcomes volunteers with a wide range of levels of experience, including qualified IT men or students with any experience in the fields of culture, languages, Information Technology. Attendance on cultural volunteering project is itself a helpful preparation for future international career, for this reason, provided to volunteers enthusiastic and truly eager to help in their future career, even individuals without experience can be accepted.


Volunteers will use a range of course books and materials, plus a variety of audio-visual aids. A strong emphasis is placed on dialogue and role-playing, but more formal exercises, games and literature are also used.

The content of lessons varies depending on the age of students. The aim of each lesson is to encourage the students to effectively use IT infrastructures such as Laptop, Tablets, Smartphones.

Tasks that will be carried out include:


●Downloading free videos, PPTs that can serve to prepare the sessions

●Based on the previous projects, identifying from the reports the needed sessions to be delivered

●Designing contents and the training process to be used.


●Delivery trainings on ICT to Youth and other deprived children participating.

●Conducting some key workshops to make the participants discuss within a group on the issue of ICT in the country and how that can be solved.

●Training youth on the importance of the ICT and discuss how they connect their future career with ICT.


●Evaluate the participant's knowledge on ICT at the beginning and at the end with the help of questionnaires.

●Help the IT team by attending the team meeting and also to write intermediate reports of the progress of ICT activities.

●Delivering of various surveys on the above mentioned social issues.


●Teach English or volunteer language to villagers.

●Carry out some community work depending on the villages/town and project.

●Support other teammates in their various activitiés.


English [Required], French, Spanish, German... [A plus]


Bangoua. Read more at www.icibangoua.net


●Starting date 1st july 2017

●Ending Date 31st August 2017

●Minimum duration: 3 weeks


Project fees: 400€ for the whole 8 weeks or 300€ for 3-5 weeks

Project fees covering:

1.Airport pick-up

2.Feeding (2 - 3 healthy meals [African food] per day)

3.Accommodation (Project house in the village)

4.A donation towards the project

5.A WEBDEV Foundation T-Shirt

6.Induction seminar

7.24/7 support from our staff while abroad volunteering.

8.Basic lessons in the language of the culture.

9.Application for volunteering

10. Information packet.


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