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Combining different sectors ( arts & international relations ), artists from 20 different countries and different locations. Connecting Cultures is an international art exhibition that raises funds and awareness for the refugees.

The main goal of the exhibition is to raise funds for refugees and enhance awareness in the topic of the immigration in the EU.

"Connecting cultures" is an art exhibition inspired by the motto of the South European International Model United Nations (SEIMUN), that is one of the biggest Model United Nations in Spain, and took place in Granada in 2017.

This art exhibition brings together artists from different parts of the World. Each artist delivers an art piece under the topic of this event and connects it with the art piece of the representative of Spain as a sample of the relations of Spain with the different countries.

These art pieces will be hosted in different places in Andalucía, Europe and World, beginning from the opening ceremony of SEIMUN (from UNSA Andalucía, that is a member of UNSA Spain) in Granada, followed by:

  • Congress at the European Parliament, Brussels
  • Exhibition at the Press Club, Brussels
  • Exhibition with Lions Club La Coruña Decano
  • Exhibition with IE Business School Madrid
  • Others

The raised funds will be given to the Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado (CEAR), a Spanish NGO that has been managing the refugees issue since 1979.

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